Homeowner Responsibilities

Purchasing and owning a Bonterra Homes home should be as pleasant a process as possible. Our commitment to you is to use our best efforts to make your decision to purchase your home as rewarding as possible. In any business transaction, both parties accept certain responsibilities and assume responsibilities for performing various duties. To help to facilitate our ability to serve you, we ask you to accept responsibilities at completion of your home:

  • Read your HomeOwners Orientation Manual carefully. It explains our joint responsibilities, duties and commitments to each other.
  • Sign and submit all appropriate documents in a timely manner required to complete your purchase.
  • Expedite selection of final design, product specifications, pricing and agreements so as not to hold up the production schedule. Delays could hold up the production schedule at critical points and, therefore, delay completion of your home.
  • If there are any questions about our programs, please refer to this manual first before calling us. We have tried our best to develop this manual as a tool to assist you as much as possible.
  • Read our warranty documents carefully and abide by their requirements.

After Occupancy

  • Reread your warranty documents.
  • In the event of any problems, refer to the manual before contacting Bonterra Homes. A simple solution may save you a lot of time and frustration.
  • Do not alter grading or drainage patterns.
  • You should make any warranty requests on the forms provided or in writing or via the web-site, if forms are not available.
  • When warranty repairs are made, you should sign and initial appropriate sections on the request form.
  • Ongoing maintenance is your responsibility. In this regard, Bonterra Homes has provided you maintenance tips in "Home Maintenance Guidelines".



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