Homeowner Warranty

Bonterra Homes takes great pride in the homes we build and sell to our customers. We use our best efforts to constantly strive for a zero-defect home. We back up our work by guaranteeing the workmanship and materials that have gone into the construction of your new home by providing you our limited warranties of quality. We also require warranties for our subcontractors' work and from the manufacturers who supply the appliances, equipment and other consumer products.

To avoid misunderstandings during the warranty period, we want to clearly explain what you are and are not getting in your new Bonterra Homes home:

Our Goal
To build a new home our customers are proud to live in, Bonterra Homes is proud to say we built and to provide you the best total value in a new home.

Quality Expectations
At Bonterra Homes, we strongly believe our customers do have the right to expect quality. Our entire company is structured and organized to provide our customers a high quality home using production techniques that meet or exceed industry codes, industry standards, and our own high expectations.

Materials and Workmanship
Materials are selected for durability, quality and maintenance. Our contractors and vendors are chosen because of their commitment to quality and service. There are literally thousands of component parts in your Bonterra Homes home and each is chosen based upon its ability to live up to our high standards of quality.

Construction Methods
To meet your needs, we use production techniques and procedures that are designed to maximize efficiency and produce homes at affordable levels and still provide our customers the comfort and value that they have a right to expect. Our best efforts and those of our planning, architectural and engineering associates have gone into the design and construction of your new home and the development of one of the Puget Sound region's finest communities.

Handmade Product And Not Flawless
We also want to establish an understanding that your new home is a handmade product which is, therefore, not perfect.

Home Buyer's Warranty


Professional Warranty Service CorportationBonterra Homes has purchased a Builder's Limited Warranty provided by Professional Warranty Corporation (PWC). The details of your warranty are found in this document. Please read the warranty in its entirety.

Should you sell your home during the warranty period, the Home Buyers Warranty herein shall fully transfer to each successor in title for the remainder of the warranty term.

Warranties On Appliances And Equipment:
Bonterra Homes shall assign to the homeowner any warranties issued by the manufacturer covering appliances and equipment sold and installed in the home by Bonterra Homes. This is your sole and exclusive warranty for all appliances and equipment installed in your home.

Copies of all manufacturers warranties have been made available at the sales office. You will be given your manufacturers warranties during the Final Homeowner Orientation and Inspection.

Following is a partial list of manufacturers' items not covered by the Bonterra Homes Limited Warranty.

  1. Chimes
  2. Cooking Hood
  3. Dishwasher
  4. Exhaust Fan
  5. Forced Air Unit
  6. Furnace
  7. Garage Door Opener
  8. Garbage Disposal
  9. Heat Pump
  10. Lighting Fixtures
  11. Microwave Oven
  12. Oven and Cook Top
  13. Thermostat
  14. Trash Compactor
  15. Washer/Dryer
  16. Water Heater
  17. Whole House Fans

If you find defects in any of those items listed above, or items otherwise covered by a manufacturers' warranty, please follow the procedures in the warranty which came with the item, and deal directly with the manufacturer. Be sure to check each warranty for the time such item is warranted because each manufacturer's warranty may differ. If you would like assistance in contacting a manufacturer, your Bonterra Homes Customer Service Representative will be glad to help you.

NOTE:It is your responsibility to complete and return all such warranties in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer.



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